Chapter Six: A Global Blueprint to Extinction; China


—Reuters A woman wearing a mask checks her mobile phone on the square in front of Harbin’s landmark San Sophia church, in China’s Heilongjiang province on Oct. 21.
—Reuters A woman wearing a mask checks her mobile phone on the square in front of Harbin’s landmark San Sophia church, in China’s Heilongjiang province on Oct. 21.


Home of the Samurai, Emperors, and the rising sun, one should not expect communist China to have produced a single great woman. A Chinese government seems to want to work the Earthly Goddess to death like a mule and just get a new one when she expires. It is a dying decaying culture that has never recognized individual rights and especially the rights of women. During the Han dynasty, Confucianism became a part of the official education system in China. Male authority was enforced which brought a woman’s status down in comparison to men. In the Confucian society, women could only obtain power by becoming a mother. The task of Chinese women was producing sons and creating girls was not good. Women were expected to be passive and to revolve around their husbands and family. Confucian philosophy also held that women were the cause of disorder, should not rule and one should not concern oneself with women’s ideas. Confucian philosophy still influences the way Chinese women are treated today.
Nie Lina, 5 months pregnant and arrested for protesting.

An empire of the sun never recognized their women as anything more than an object that could serve the state. Over 70% of school dropouts are girls and over 70% of about 220 million who are semi-literate or illiterate in China are women. Universities openly express the fact that they discriminate against girls. Abuse of women in China is common. It is culturally accepted in some parts of China for men to abuse their wives. Domestic abuse laws in China are non-existent along with shelters for victims of abuse. This puts Chinese women in a position of simply having to put up with it. A communist country with no history of ever getting off the backs of women like China can be assumed to have declining birth rates alongside the other countries guilty of abusing the Earthly Goddess. The People’s Republic of China is a totalitarian state and the Communist Party is the only political entity allowed to exist within its borders. Therefore, information on women’s rights can be classified as secret. Statistics on kidnapping and the trafficking in girls and women, induced abortions, sterilizations, infanticides and other human rights violations are unknown.

"China is Running Out of Women"
China is running out of women.

Given here is what the world knows. We must assume that the Chinese predicament is even worse than what we know because of the secrecy and misinformation coveted by a communist government.

In an article posted by Carolyn Tytler, Feb. 6, 2009, female newborns are often killed or abandoned in China. Abortion is encouraged and since 1997 hundreds of “mobile abortion clinics” have roamed the countryside. Women are forced to submit to abortions or sterilization after a birth has occurred. China has a one-child to a family ideal because of overpopulation and pollution which of course was caused by bad government.


Government officials are now beginning to realize that this one-child policy was ill-advised. In 2005 there were only 100 girls born for about 120 boys, and the disparity is expected to increase. If the present trend continues, by 2020, there will be 30 million Chinese men unable to find wives.

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