Casualties from the War Against Women

Burning Witch

Japan has “parasite singles” and of course America has several equivalents lending themselves splendidly to the push for extinction. A poetic mind has coined some new names and there are new names already out there.

Unsexed Singles: The words of Queen Victoria come to life. These poor devils have gone deep into feminism and there may be no roads leading back to reality in this lifetime. Often the damage is tripled by parents and public education.

Metrosexuals: Apparently the art of having both feminine and male qualities in spirit of attire and somewhat in looks has become so popular that it has been given a name. Such kids would be the living result of a politically correct philosophy. Good luck getting grandchildren from these kids. And, if you do the lineage is not going far.

Zombie Singles: See ‘Unsexed Singles’ above… these kids are blatant feminists and proud of it. The tighter they hold to feminist dogma the more they lose touch of their sex. Even when such people get together in love with other such people (misery loves company), such unions will not produce a strong lineage if it procreates successfully at all. Some of these kids just lose interest in the other sex which brings us to next on the list.

Tech Singles: Nerds, Geeks, and perhaps more comprise this category. Kids who just have never learned to socialize for whatever reason become uninterested in the opposite sex due to passions in science or other specialized fields of study or interest.

WAREX: Singles: Victims of the war of the sexes most probably infected by their parents fighting, divorce, personal experience, and media that does not suit their needs. Another feminist casualty, these kids often become pawns between divorcing parents. Such kids are some of the worse of the war of the sexes caused by feminists and they are never the same without counseling or personal triumphs in spirituality. Again, if such kids find love it is the rare couples who will produce a strong lineage



Radical feminists believe heterosexuality to be a patriarchal construct meant to further dominate and degrade women. If such is true then by default radical feminism encourages lesbianism and destructs marriage and family. Feminist laws and policies shoved down the throat of America have not made women equal. Such legislation has served to hinder social relationships and undermine the traditional family unit which is the basis for all society. It is time to acknowledge the harm done and pull the knife out of the back of the American woman. Known feminists will be the subjects of new witch hunts in the future if they are not virtuous enough to step away from politics, media, and academics or renounce their selfish anti-human goals. To be a feminist after this treatise is to be anti-human and in full favor of death to humanity by extinction.

War Against Women Casualties

The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.

—Albert Camus

Unfortunate and helpless women of Earth have been preyed upon by the brutes since he acknowledged he could have her by sheer force of his strength for thousands of years. Her DNA code after so many thousands and thousands of years now sees itself as prey. Codes do what they do. Her female code will do whatever it can to fight back. The only thing her code can do under the circumstances is to give her a penis and make her a man. This essentially is the vision given to me by a divine source or perhaps it just popped into my head; ‘Her code sees itself as prey and has given her dick to fight back and you are facing extinction”. Hermaphrodites or Transgender can be explained by the female species DNA code fighting back against the dominance and brutality of men and it is the main reason why humanity is coming to the existential end of the road. The code has given women a dick to fight back against the brutal dominance and violence of evil and incompetent men. Dominance of men also explains women showing signs of male patterned baldness in record numbers as well as growing mustaches. Women are becoming bigger, stronger, faster, and more aggressive towards men and each other. The dominance and brutality of men explains it all and much more.


It reflects upon the consciousness and intellectual growth of our world that I must preface these next revelations with further stories of my sex life. I have not told you about all the women in my life. Just a glimpse was given here including sexual love. As many women have found me attractive so have there been men. When I first came to Los Angeles in search of an acting career, I was hit on by men so many times that I thought LA was the gay capital of America! I was also propositioned many times by men. As a struggling actor at that time, I may have took one or two up on their generous offers. Memory does not serve me here totally. Anyway, the thought of kissing and hugging a man has always made me uneasy. I do not remember having a problem with men wanting to pay to give me fellatio and then spank them a couple of times as they masturbated. I could be wrong. Memories of such times were laced with Mary Jane, Sangria, and exploration. Nevertheless, the point is of course I have nothing against gay men and have had them as my good friends over the years. It should also be stated that I respect and have had good relationships with lesbians. My last community acting gig in Las Vegas was done to help out an Earthly Goddess and high school sweetheart. It was produced by a gay and lesbian organization.

Rome was built on blood of war and violence.
Rome was built on blood of war and violence.

All that being said, homosexuality is also the DNA code speaking against the dominance and brutality of men. Just because you do not believe in spirituality does not mean it does not exist. Your DNA is affected by your spirit, spirits around you, and the general spirit of the atmosphere around you… your environment. Homosexual acquaintances have told me that they were born gay and I can now after enlightenment tell them that is your DNA code talking. Why would your code force you to choose a member of your own sex to mate with and love? For what good reason would a magnificent code that has the ability to lift us to intellectual heights never dreamed of make a human gay? Codes do what they do and for a reason. Such reasoning good or bad is dependent upon you. The code does not discriminate or make mistakes. If the code makes a man gay it is because the code sees value in making him gay. You set the standards of value by which your code will act. You are what you think you are and what you like and dislike becomes a part of your code. It is not specifically you but the hard-wiring in your DNA built up over thousands of years within your family tree.

Homosexuality was at one time a choice made of free will because of the stressful times of war. War is one of the things humans do best. Long ago humans would war for years and your soldiers would be without their wives for as long as they were on the road to war. Facing death at any time heightens senses. What may have been friends comforting each other in an embrace could have turned into passionate sex for many reasons. Thinking that they would not live to see tomorrow may have pushed men to sexual relationships that otherwise would never have happened. These liaisons of sexual intercourse with other men may have allowed men who needed it to survive those stressful situations. Then having survived the wars, these men went back to their loving wives and try to leave all that happened on the battlefield out of their minds. However, the code does not forget. These homosexual liaisons continued as war continued. The code saw it for what it was and adapted some men accordingly. The code gave some men the ability to be aroused by and have sex with other men as a matter of survival. Your code now continues to create homosexual men for what should be and will be at the end of the thesis here obvious reasons. Homosexual women were developed by war and enhanced by the code in the same way.

Third-century Roman soldiers battling barbarian troops on the Ludovisi Battle sarcophagus (250-260) --Wikipedia
Third-century Roman soldiers battling barbarian troops on the Ludovisi Battle sarcophagus (250-260) –Wikipedia

Science knows that in auto-immune deficiency diseases that the auto-immune system itself is the culprit for the disease. A metabolic system within the human structure that is designed to help us can act against us given the right circumstances. Why would the DNA code work any differently? Homosexuality works against the survival of the species. It should be obvious and is nowhere near as complicated as auto-immune diseases.

Someone is going to come along and say there is homosexuality in hundreds of other species and a natural part of existence. Crabs will grab at anything on the way to the bottom of the ocean floor forever bottom feeders. Homosexuality or transgender in other species translates to extinction for other species just like humans. Species are becoming extinct by the day on planet Earth. To think that homosexuality is a natural part of existence is to bring ignorance and pretense to high virtues. One wants to pretend that a higher consciousness and love for all humanity is motivation when behind the pretense hides a poser. America celebrates posers, pretenders, liars, and elects them to political office. Unlike those other species where homosexuality is found humans have free will and awareness of consciousness. Humanity is now aware of new information revealed in this thesis and can contemplate making a thoughtful choice of whether to commit species suicide or evolve into true beings of higher consciousness. Every other species that practices homosexuality is practicing for the goal of extinction. It was said nearly 20 years ago that between 1-3 species become extinct each year. Extinctions across mother earth have far from slowed since and to think humanity immune to the phenomena speaks to the arrogant ignorance transforming into stupid philosophy and intellect of beings that commit species suicide.


Men do not want to be men because they are called shallow, pigs, bastards, bullies, and killers. What men have become in terms of violence and brutality is enforced by culture. It is what we see on TV and in movies. Men also do not want to be men because of the political correct fallout of feminism. Feminism tells men by default and outright it is better to be homosexual or to ‘unsex’ themselves like the women.

Women do not wish to be women because women are weak prey. Women are victims of brutality, rape, torture, and murder. They are trophies to be hung on the wall and used only when needed. Feminism tells women to be stronger and more aggressive. Feminism by default and design tells women it is better to be homosexual. Do you think that what you see and feel is not seen and felt by your code? Do you really think your code does not get the spirit of the matter?

Individuals have a philosophy whether admitted or not. Not having a philosophy becomes your philosophy. You have a spirit whether you admit it or not. The more one disavows one’s spirit the more one weakens it. Whatever you do or allow to be done to your spirit is recorded and will be acted upon by your DNA code if needed as part of species survival. Why would you think otherwise? Is it because you have no philosophy or a philosophy that is rigged against yourself?

What would happen if all heterosexual men dropped dead in one day? Who would be left to father humanity? Science would seek to take the place of nature and the results would both be monstrous and non-viable life over any serious amount of time. Why would any reasonable person think otherwise? What would happen in a country inhabited by lesbians and angry feminists? There would be no propagating the species in such a country without the aid of applied science. The results would lead to monsters and extinction. What would happen if all men and women became unisex or metrosexual? There is only one road for humanity that does not lead to species extinction. Roads taken thus far has brought us to species extinction on a bloody, oppressive and violently ignorant vehicle with mediocre or evil drivers. Enough is enough!


Concerns here focus on American government protecting the rights of a woman to do as she chooses with her body. If humanity wishes to evolve, governments will make protecting the individual rights of women priority one and promoting her natural ability to create life or not as the most sacred achievements of humanity. Yes, there are a lot of men born today who should not be making babies. What is to be done about it? Nothing. Such men should be unselfish in a selfish culture. Evolution must be allowed to work her magic.

Homosexuality in some Muslim countries is punishable by death as we should expect in such primitive cultures. Look at the Russians. They have outlawed homosexuality recognizing a threat to their very existence. Unfortunately, they have gone at the problem in the wrong way. America may get only one chance to get it right. Getting it right does not include teaching children that homosexuality is natural and a good thing. Such nonsense is completely backwards and I had problems with such a curriculum before enlightenment. Homosexuality is an unfortunate symptom of a violent and power-mad culture that does not celebrate females. Explain it to your children in any terms you choose, just tell them the truth.

Look at it like you are talking to the DNA code of the species. DNA codes have given females the only chance it can give them by giving them a penis. It does not send humanity a message in a bottle reading, “Dumb Ass! Worship your women or die!” That is what I am here to do. It is the DNA code giving females a chance on her side and the problem never being acknowledged on the male side. Homosexual men stayed in the closet for a long time. Homosexual men and women should absolutely bite the bullet and produce no children. Homosexuality will be greatest in an ancestry of homosexuality or an ancestry that includes great violence. However, with the call of feminism turning women into men and making some normal men feel guilty for being men, such is enough for a liberal couple who believes in progressive education and are planning to have a child. Some people may have already set the sexual orientation programming up before sex and eventual conception. Some couples may have already harmed their unborn child and I shall give no analogies here as I know the tears of the matriarch. However, look at some celebrities and their children as their lives sometimes is an open book in photos.


Replies to people whom jump to conclusions about what is said here will be short and sharp to the point of some discomfort to the questioner. That homosexuality is wrong or bad has not been said. That homosexuals should be hurt has not been said here. Violence and oppression of the hairy evil and incompetent ape is what produced homosexuality. It is time for a higher form of thinking— a thinking that does not ignore the glaringly obvious.


Autism and Downs Syndrome are two illnesses that strike children somewhere at the moment of creation. I believe it is called “conception”. I suspect these syndromes which have unknown causes to have their genesis in the domination and violence of the patriarchal matrix and feminist retaliation dynamic as well.

WOMAN ON FIRE: Ending the War Against Women, (Chapter 7) by Alan Kenneth Paine


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