A Global Blueprint to Extinction: America

Report: 73 abortion facilities shut down in 2014 from https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/report-73-abortion-facilities-shut-down-in-2014


There has always been hope in America and that is what separates one bad government from others. All governments across the globe are some variation of the patriarchal matrix and are by definition evil and/or incompetent. Democracy does give us hope not only to at least succeed in the patriarchal matrix but to change it. Our freethinking founding fathers fought for and gave us hope. Even they could see the evil consequences if religion mixed with government and some desperately tried and warned about the pitfalls. Freedom was the foundation for the founding of the U.S. Constitution. Hope and freedom must now join forces and save what little integrity there is left in America.

Women have remained enslaved to the will of evil and incompetent apes throughout the history of America. It took a bloody civil war in America to free the slaves. What will it take to give the Earthly Goddess her free will? What could possibly cause the ape to continue to oppress women in a so-called age of enlightenment? Why do other women seek to oppress other women as well? Those questions were answered in previous chapters. To reiterate, there should be no questioning evil or incompetence as they are each self-explanatory. Men in America have sought to enslave women out of fear, ignorance and greed. Women in America who seek to betray and enslave other women do so out of mental disturbance caused by the patriarchal matrix. Feminists oppress and betray other women by elitism, foisting unsustainable Marxist philosophy, and by default. If the hairy apes were on the backs of the Earthly Goddess and refused to get off, feminists jumped on adding more weight to her burden.

Germaine Greer, noted Feminist and one of the women who stole feminism.
Germaine Greer, noted Feminist and one of the women who stole feminism is not the only feminist wishing to kill the family dynamic..
From Pinterest
From Pinterest… A woman without a man faces extinction. Such is the legacy of the Feminist Queen.
From Feminspire.com
From Feminspire.com  This is what the end of humanity looks like… arrogant ignorance, good intentions and Marxism.

Should anyone expect an American fertility crisis? Just because there are billions of dollars to be made in the fertility industry does not mean science, government, or the media would keep such dire news from the public. How could they keep such news from the general public of America? The market for fertility drugs 4 years ago was two and a half billion dollars and is “underserved” according to experts. Conspiracy theories cannot be real. Maybe American government is just stupid and not evil. Incompetence would not know extinction until it bites him on the ass!

According to a story published online on USA Today.com, “concern for the future mounts”, as little stories and reports are coming out here and there along with books about the growing problem of a dwindling American populace. Still, one can be sure that none of them have a real handle on the problem, the cause, and the solution. One has to wonder if any of the other authors can even see extinction in their own research and writings or are they simply saying we may be in trouble?. I suspect their books will be all about extinction and like the nations mentioned so far will offer no solutions. If they are not mentioning the Goddess or Matriarch Society then they are at least 25 years behind the Poet. Nevertheless, they may be a few years ahead of America. At the time of this writing a new book has just been released by Jonathan Last, What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic Disaster. Having not read the book quite yet does not prevent an answer henceforth. When no one is expecting one can expect extinction. And yet, the US Today author did not seem to connect the dots nor apparently does the prestigious University of Southern California. According to the article, USC had recently reported on a study that was unprecedented and “will pose significant challenges for the state’s future prosperity.” Future prosperity… hmmm… How very humanitarian and thoughtful while it sounds like someone is concerned about money.

One reason given for the coming disaster to California is that they did not get enough immigrants lately. One has to wonder if someone wants to use this information for political reasons. One has to wonder if the politically liberal haven that is the great golden bear state will justify immigration based on the startling fact that Californians are not producing enough babies. It is bureaucratic parasites and religious pedophile leaders who think quantity and not quality when it comes to human life. They would prefer that human constituents have no brain at all. Some people might hope that California falls into the ocean long before extinction and I may be one of them. It is a liberal cesspool of a police state. California can be likened to a loving mother who adopts child after child until she cannot take care of her own children. It is no wonder California is not making enough babies when they are intent upon taking care of the babies of anybody and everybody else.

LA ORANGE COUNTIES LEAD NATION IN OVERCROWED HOUSING http://www.capsweb.org/blog/la-orange-counties-lead-nation-crammed-housing
LA, ORANGE COUNTIES LEAD NATION IN OVERCROWED HOUSING http://www.capsweb.org/blog/la-orange-counties-lead-nation-crammed-housing

What nation does California remind you of, by the way? Is there one particular nation that has a great statuesque female symbol in a harbor? Is that great lady called The Statue of Liberty? “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me; I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Ah yes, beautiful words inscribed at her feet indeed. However, such words and philosophy are the recipe for suffering, oppression, and extinction in the hands of the evil or incompetent ape. California like the rest of America, embraces extinction like a mother embraces her adopted demon-seed child.

"The Omen" with Lee Remick and Harvey Stephens.  from http://lecinemadreams.blogspot.com/
“The Omen” with Lee Remick and Harvey Stephens. from http://lecinemadreams.blogspot.com/

He who refuses to learn deserves extinction.

California may be a vast wasteland where celebrities and aging hippies create a viciously absurd police state while having lattes on a smog-filled Veranda carrying toy dogs, but such shallowness does not represent the American individual. This is America and America is greater than the state of California.

–WOMAN ON FIRE: Ending the War Against Women (Chapter 6), by Alan Kenneth Paine


I cannot tell you women not to take fertility drugs.  Truth and consequences are my elemental fire here.  You have been lied to by Government, Corporations, and Feminists.  With every fertility drug taken the dilution and destruction of the gene pool continues on the way to extinction.

Again, my best guess for the point of no return for America is 2020.  Other nations like Iran and China may have already abused their way to the abyss.  Fertility rates are not my message.  It is a delicate matter but will not be ignored.  Come to grips with the Riddle of Humanity or Spiritual Warrior.  There is no compromise.



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Chapter Six: A Global Blueprint to Extinction; China


—Reuters A woman wearing a mask checks her mobile phone on the square in front of Harbin’s landmark San Sophia church, in China’s Heilongjiang province on Oct. 21.
—Reuters A woman wearing a mask checks her mobile phone on the square in front of Harbin’s landmark San Sophia church, in China’s Heilongjiang province on Oct. 21.


Home of the Samurai, Emperors, and the rising sun, one should not expect communist China to have produced a single great woman. A Chinese government seems to want to work the Earthly Goddess to death like a mule and just get a new one when she expires. It is a dying decaying culture that has never recognized individual rights and especially the rights of women. During the Han dynasty, Confucianism became a part of the official education system in China. Male authority was enforced which brought a woman’s status down in comparison to men. In the Confucian society, women could only obtain power by becoming a mother. The task of Chinese women was producing sons and creating girls was not good. Women were expected to be passive and to revolve around their husbands and family. Confucian philosophy also held that women were the cause of disorder, should not rule and one should not concern oneself with women’s ideas. Confucian philosophy still influences the way Chinese women are treated today.

Nie Lina, 5 months pregnant and arrested for protesting.

An empire of the sun never recognized their women as anything more than an object that could serve the state. Over 70% of school dropouts are girls and over 70% of about 220 million who are semi-literate or illiterate in China are women. Universities openly express the fact that they discriminate against girls. Abuse of women in China is common. It is culturally accepted in some parts of China for men to abuse their wives. Domestic abuse laws in China are non-existent along with shelters for victims of abuse. This puts Chinese women in a position of simply having to put up with it. A communist country with no history of ever getting off the backs of women like China can be assumed to have declining birth rates alongside the other countries guilty of abusing the Earthly Goddess. The People’s Republic of China is a totalitarian state and the Communist Party is the only political entity allowed to exist within its borders. Therefore, information on women’s rights can be classified as secret. Statistics on kidnapping and the trafficking in girls and women, induced abortions, sterilizations, infanticides and other human rights violations are unknown.

"China is Running Out of Women"
China is running out of women.

Given here is what the world knows. We must assume that the Chinese predicament is even worse than what we know because of the secrecy and misinformation coveted by a communist government.

In an article posted by Carolyn Tytler, Feb. 6, 2009, female newborns are often killed or abandoned in China. Abortion is encouraged and since 1997 hundreds of “mobile abortion clinics” have roamed the countryside. Women are forced to submit to abortions or sterilization after a birth has occurred. China has a one-child to a family ideal because of overpopulation and pollution which of course was caused by bad government.


Government officials are now beginning to realize that this one-child policy was ill-advised. In 2005 there were only 100 girls born for about 120 boys, and the disparity is expected to increase. If the present trend continues, by 2020, there will be 30 million Chinese men unable to find wives.

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“You’ve been blessed with the necessary insight to know what it is we need, even when we don’t.”

“Congratulations, you’ve been issued the Lewis and Clark meets Dudley Do-Right of spiritual agendas, otherwise known as a Sagittarian degree, and otherwise earned by being able to question the unanswered and explore the unknown while discovering the truth and saving the day.”

–Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract With the Universe, by Marguerite Manning

Feminists want to end patriarchy yet have made not a dent in it.  Their error is in the beginning as all men are a part of patriarchy.  A better term for the system that oppresses women and minorities by planned bureaucracy or Fascism, psychological brainwashing and physical force is ‘Patriarch Matrix’.  Feminists compete with and in the Patriarch Matrix caring nothing for most women of America.  They are bullies among females.

Feminine purity is easy to take advantage of and it accounts for only one reason why the ‘patriarch matrix’ has gone on so long. It had to be a man standing up for the rights of these women otherwise you would see only aggressive want-to-be-men women fighting selfishly not for all women but only for women like themselves. We call them feminists and their day comes to an end soon.


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