The Most Hated Man in the World

How does one become the most hated in the world? You have to be known all over the world first.  Then, set out to change your country and other countries with little to no credibility or forethought.  Do so with Demagogue flair of a pernicious pedagogue and you shall be well on your way to global infamy.

Gay Rights:

Obama’s attempt to force LGBT lifestyle on sovereign nations was met by riots, protests, and petitions.  Hired the first Transgender in the White House and that ended poorly.  Force-feeding the gay agenda made matters worse in some nations for the LGBT community.

  • Latin America
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Serbia
  • Pakistan
  • Africa; Coalition of 54 African States

War Monger:

Obama was the first ever two-term president to be at war his entire presidency.  Launched airstrikes or invaded 7 different nations; ten times more drone bombings than George W. Bush resulting in 3 times more civilian casualties than his administration reports.

  • Libya: wages war without Congressional approval
  • Syria: waged war and it is not better there but worse
  • Yemen: Aided and facilitated Saudi Arabia genocide

War Crimes President: accused officially by several nations including;

Ireland: Irish Parliament member, Clare Daly called Obama a “war criminal and hypocrite.”   She went on to say he was going after the “Hypocrite of the Century” award.

  • Moldova
  • Romania
  • Caledonia
  • Ukraine
  • Yemen

 Desperation as Pernicious Audacity

United Kingdom: Obama’s attempt to meddle in elections (Brexit) of a sovereign nation was met not so well prior and laughter afterwards.

Russia: Along with partner in crime, Hillary Clinton, Obama fanned flames of war with Russia in an effort to hide revelations of “emailgate”; treason, pedophilia and satanic cults.  (Liberal Media outlets and Hollywood Celebrities like CNN, NBC, and Katy Perry are heavily involved.)  Sent 3500 troops and tanks to the Russian doorstep in Poland desperate to provoke war as one of the final decisions in his presidency.

France: All ISIS terror attacks in France can be attributed to the Junior Varsity President after his “J-V” comments.  WikiLeaks reveals Obama created ISIS.  WikiLeaks recently reveals Obama and his CIA Puppet Masters influenced Paris elections.


Feminism: Facilitate the spread of Feminism and/or Marxism in America, an ideology that attempts to rewrite evolution thereby speeding up the species extinction clock.  More abortion clinics closed under this president than any other and he offered not one word of sympathy to mothers dying in childbirth.

America: Facilitate terrorism and Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating Federal government and America.  Made terrorism in America almost common.

Held presidency hostage dragging America through his desperate hours after overwhelming win by President Donald Trump for 3 weeks trying to flip the Electors.  Failed.  Tried desperately to blackmail presidency from the president-elect with false information delivered by Senator John McCain (sedition) to Intel Agencies.  Failed.  Threatens to continue fighting popular president committing another open act of sedition on taxpayer money.  Obeying orders from his Pedophile Puppet Masters can only explain something so outrageous.

Worldwide evidence easily proves Barack Hussein Obama is the most hated man in the world.



No Abortion=No Evolution


Abortion as Evolution

The argument on abortion has always ended with the mother until religion and government stepped in to become dual Slave-Masters (also known as hairy evil or incompetent apes). Look at the results. What the Poet sees is an overpopulated world having really good sex with little true love and it shows in the end product which we call babies.   Silly world kneeling at the feet of their new God, Science.  Do you really think making babies is that easy?  Bitter lessons are best for arrogant ignorance.

An absolute mess of matters wrought by the hijacking of women’s rights by Feminism can and will be undone.  Feminism is the de facto leader protecting the rights of women and look at the state of abortion in America today under Feminism and a Feminist President.  He is as deplorable as the feminists.

From  The Feminist Prince


Let us all understand finally the true basis upon which abortion should be argued and that is evolution.  Abortion is to humans as a pack of lions are to a herd of zebra.  The fundamental difference is that humans have free will.  At least she had free will until the hairy evil or incompetent apes put chains and a noose around her neck.  Few savages could ever understand the Earth Goddess and it is the reason humanity races to the abyss of extinction.

Charles Darwin gave humanity yet another gift and what does the beast do?  He did not say only the fittest survive.  Apes twisted his words to their greedy purposes and we all suffer as a result.  Mr. Darwin said “natural selection” and the most natural selection there could EVER be on whether or not human life should or should not be brought into this world belongs always and forever with she.

AngelAlan2Know your distant future as now there is one.  Women will be given complete an absolute control over their bodies when it comes to sex and reproduction.  Abortions will be free or almost free and on demand without apology.  Prostitution will be legal by federal fiat and ladies of the night will be known as Priestess or High Priestess.  Any woman or facility associated with abortion or prostitution will be protected by federal law and crimes against them will be severely punished.  Know your future world where beauty walks in confidence free from apes and their spiritually crippled mates.

Monsters and monster makers will not be suffered well or for very long.

As it is written, so let it be done.

–Alan Kenneth Paine

Marquis Who’s Who in America

Arts & Literature, 2005-2010


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