Feminist Legacy

All male dominated societies have ended in ruin. Feminists are just wannabe men.  Feminism puts America on turbo-charge to extinction with the politically correct Feminist Prince as President.  A clock ticks down to the point of no return.

Were woman to ‘unsex’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings …

–Queen Victoria

Miriam nakamoto

From a feminist--http://www.greanvillepost.com/2013/01/27/on-women-in-military-combat/
From a feminist–http://www.greanvillepost.com/2013/01/27/on-women-in-military-combat/

      When the Dalai Lama says the western woman will save the world, these are not the women.  These women have been taken in by Feminism and seek to compete as and with the Brutes.  Feminism has done more to put women in harms way than any man.  It is time for higher thinking and women were meant for much more than any feminist could ever imagine.

“A beautiful woman is a practical poet, taming her savage mate, planting tenderness, hope and eloquence in all whom she approaches.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aggressive Girls (Nice Post)

Mean Girls (right idea yet no genesis offered)

Feminists call it patriarchy but a better term for the system that dominates, intimidates, and oppresses women and minorities is ‘Patriarch Matrix’.  All men are a part of patriarchy.  Feminists would see us all dead or in dresses.  Nevertheless, it is the matrix that encourages and forces women to compete diminishing the Goddess within.  Now, here comes feminism telling women to be more like the brutes.  It is a Zombie ideology with no real leader intent upon eating the brains of young girls and killing boys.  It is time to call out the virus of feminism for what it is and the devastation it has wrought upon this nation.


In this age that celebrates ignorance, it is fashionable to close your ears to anyone who is not as perfect as you.  One mistake or philosophical stance here and throw out anything else such person might have to say regardless of merits.  You refuse to listen.  Reality goes on with or without you.

The Coming Demographic Crisis

Are you starting to see the color of extinction that creeps upon America?  It gets worse.  An enlightened guess is 2020 as the point of n women-who-seek-to-be-equal-with-men-lack-ambition-8