Spiritual Warrior


“You’ve been blessed with the necessary insight to know what it is we need, even when we don’t.”

“Congratulations, you’ve been issued the Lewis and Clark meets Dudley Do-Right of spiritual agendas, otherwise known as a Sagittarian degree, and otherwise earned by being able to question the unanswered and explore the unknown while discovering the truth and saving the day.”

–Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract With the Universe, by Marguerite Manning

Feminists want to end patriarchy yet have made not a dent in it.  Their error is in the beginning as all men are a part of patriarchy.  A better term for the system that oppresses women and minorities by planned bureaucracy or Fascism, psychological brainwashing and physical force is ‘Patriarch Matrix’.  Feminists compete with and in the Patriarch Matrix caring nothing for most women of America.  They are bullies among females.

Feminine purity is easy to take advantage of and it accounts for only one reason why the ‘patriarch matrix’ has gone on so long. It had to be a man standing up for the rights of these women otherwise you would see only aggressive want-to-be-men women fighting selfishly not for all women but only for women like themselves. We call them feminists and their day comes to an end soon.


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